Department of Specially Protected Natural Areas and Biodiversity Policy

Head of the Department of Specially Protected Areas and Biodiversity Policy of the Ministry of Environment Voskeat Grigoryan, Deputy Head Arpine Panoyan, Chief specialists of the department -Norayr Abrahamyan, Aram Aghasyan, Nubar Khachatryan, Tatevik Khudaverdyan, Vahagn Sargsyan, Tigran Asatryan, Armen Grigoryan, Hakob Matevosyan, the program "into business" - Tatevik Tsyurker, Arin Gapasagalyan.
The purpose of the department is to develop and implement policies to prevent or reduce harmful effects on the animal and plant world, specially protected natural areas, as well as the reasonable use, restoration and reproduction of natural resources, sustainable management, protection, protection, reproduction and use of specially protected natural areas.
In order to achieve its goals and objectives, the department carries out the following functions:
•    Development of programs and strategies for the policy of sustainable management, protection, protection and reasonable use of natural resources and reproduction of the animal and plant world of the Republic of Armenia, as well as specially protected natural territories, as well as ensuring and analyzing the process of their implementation;
•    development and implementation of the policy of protection and use of specially protected natural territories with ensuring ecological balance;
•    development and implementation of a policy in the field of protection, protection and sustainable use of hunting animals and hunting grounds;
•    development and implementation of ecotourism development policy in specially protected natural areas;
•    ensuring the safety of biodiversity from alien species of plants and animals and living transformed organisms within its competence;
•    ensuring the process of developing standards and indicators for the sustainable management of specially protected natural territories based on cadastre data, accounting and monitoring of flora and fauna, including specially protected natural territories, their regular revision and adjustment
•    fulfillment of obligations under international treaties ratified by the Republic of Armenia in the field of management of specially protected natural territories, cooperation with international organizations, provision of professional opinion on submitted reports, planned and/or implemented programs.