Minister Hakob Simidyan met with the delegation led by President of the Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) COP15 Alian Richard Donvahy

Within the framework of COP 28, Minister Hakob Simidyan met with the delegation led by the President of the Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) COP15, Alian Richard Donvahy.
The Republic of Armenia signed the Convention to Combat Desertification in 1994 and ratified it in 1997.
Welcoming the colleagues, the minister noted that Armenia adheres to the principles of the convention and that the organization in its short-term and long-term plans emphasizes the work aimed at neutralizing land degradation by developing coherent programs aimed at fulfilling the defined obligations.
The minister emphasized that he highly values the relations with the secretariat of the convention and international partners, aimed at the prevention of land degradation through joint efforts.
Armenia has set a target to achieve Land Degradation Neutral (LDN) to restore the carbon reserves lost in 2000-2010 by 2040 and increase them by 2.8% compared to the current level.
During the meeting, the partners summarized the second session of the Intergovernmental Working Group on Drought (IWG on Drought) held in Yerevan in March of this year and the regional capacity development workshop and its results.
The minister presented to his colleagues the steps taken by the Republic of Armenia aimed at preventing desertification and drought in the climate agenda, addressing the issues of afforestation and increasing forest areas, effective management of water resources and wise use of natural resources.
A separate reference was made to reforestation projects.
The minister emphasized that the Ministry of Environment highly values the strengthening of joint frameworks with international partners on the way to the implementation of all programs, prioritizing the exchange of experience and opportunities for capacity development.