Deputy Minister of Environment Tigran Gabrielyan received the officials of the regional water resources management program of the South Caucasus

Lilit Abrahamyan, head of the water policy department of the ministry, and Gayane Hovsepyan, head of the water resources management department, took part in the meeting.
The deputy minister welcomed the launch of the project in Armenia and expressed his willingness to support the effective implementation of the project, emphasizing the priority of the water sector not only in Armenia, but also in the world.
Tigran Gabrielyan presented the activities of the Ministry of Environment from the point of view of conservation and efficient management of water resources, he noted that there is already a successful experience of cooperation with international partners in the field.
Eric Viala, regional head of the South Caucasus Regional Water Resources Management Program, noted that the goal of the program is to support cross-border cooperation and water resources management in the three countries of the region to contribute to regional stability and resilience. For the implementation of the project, cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, as the body that manages the water sector, was especially important.
  Tigran Gabrielyan and the representatives of the Ministry expressed readiness for participatory cooperation, highlighting the possible ways of joint work: implementation of water saving systems and implementation of pilot programs, data collection, support for the development of water basin management plans and the implementation of measures arising from the plans, capacity building, exchange of experience with neighboring countries.