Department of Water Policy

Head of Department: Lilit Abrahamyan, Chief Specialist: Liana Alikhanyan, Senior Specialist: Marine Poghosyan, Specialist: Edward Badalyan
The department carries out the following functions in order to fulfill its tasks:
development of policy programs and strategies for the protection, reasonable use and restoration of water resources and ensuring the process of their implementation,
development of drafts of legal acts related to the field of water resources management and protection,
development of procedures for monitoring the state of water resources, managing cadastres and registers, issuing water use permits,
development of a policy to promote the use of the best available technologies from the point of view of the protection of water resources in the economy,
development of recommendations regarding the improvement and development of the business and investment environment in the field of water resources protection, as well as socio-economic programs,
providing a professional opinion regarding the functions of the Department within the framework of environmental impact assessment and expertise,
implementation of the policy development process aimed at promoting the green economy, within the scope of its competences,
implementation of the development of the main directions of ecological awareness, culture, education policy, programs and strategies, ecological science and education strategy in the field of water resources protection, within the scope of its competences,
Implementation of works on the development of the program of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, the departments related to the environment and the program of activities of the government, regarding the protection of water resources,
fulfillment of the obligations undertaken by the international agreements ratified by the Republic of Armenia in the field of water resources protection, cooperation with international organizations, providing an opinion on submitted reports, planned and/or implemented programs.