Department of Climate Policy of the Ministry of Environment

Head of the Department Nona Budoyan, Chief Specialist Marina Saribekyan, Senior Specialist Ani Ghukasyan, "iGorts" program Tatevik Manucharyan.
The Department of Climate Policy of the Ministry of Environment is the main professional structural unit of the Ministry.
Within the framework of the powers established by its charter, the Department ensures the development and implementation of the Ministry's policy in the field of climate change, provided to the Ministry by the law "On the Structure and Activities of the Government", other laws, the charter of the Ministry, guided by the principle of sustainable development.
In order to implement its tasks, the management performs the following functions:
development of state policy on mitigation and adaptation to climate change, programs, strategies, draft legal acts, guidelines and ensuring the process of their implementation,
"Implementation of the functions of the secretariat of the interdepartmental coordinating Council for the implementation of the requirements and provisions of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement,
development of proposals for the implementation of mechanisms aimed at implementation of obligations under international treaties related to climate change,
Development of draft principles and procedures for state accounting of greenhouse gases in accordance with the guidelines approved by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
development and improvement of the concept and provisions on climate change, as well as submission of proposals for the development of regulatory legal acts in this area,
participation in the development and implementation of policies aimed at promoting green energy economy, within its authority,
participation in the implementation of relevant statistical reports in accordance with the procedure established by law and other legal acts, and the maintenance of administrative statistical registers based on the data and information collected through them regarding climate change,
participation in the development of the main directions of environmental awareness, culture, education policy, programs and strategies, Strategies of environmental science and education,
participation in the development of projects of international programs aimed at climate change, and the study of projects submitted to the Ministry of Programs, providing opinions on them,
participation in ensuring international cooperation and compliance with international obligations on climate change, the development of international treaties.