It is proposed to create and furnish 4 new public beaches

The Ministry of Environment has circulated the draft of the Government's decision on the organization of public beaches in the recreational zone of the "Sevan" National Park on the unified website for the publication of legal acts and projects - platform.
The purpose of the adoption of the legal act is to increase the quality of services provided to the public and the effective operation of public beaches, the development and implementation of environmental and biotechnical measures contributing to the protection of the coastal areas of Lake Sevan, as well as the opportunity for recreation available to all sections of the public, free services: access to the beach, changing rooms, public toilets. , laundromats, children's playgrounds, prospective investment projects, excluding the operation of beaches without lifeguard and medical services and ensuring the treatment of waste water exclusively through treatment plants in accordance with the standards set by the norms.
Operating public beaches are located in the adjacent beaches of Sevan city and these beaches are mainly used by visitors from Sevan community and Yerevan. For the equal development of the territory of the region and for visitors from other regions of the republic (Tavush, Lori, Vaik, Syunik), it is necessary to furnish both non-functioning public beaches and to create and furnish 4 new public beaches adjacent to Lchap, Shoghakat, Gavar and Martuni communities.
As a result, it is planned to have new public beaches in four different parts of the shore of Lake Sevan that are beautifully furnished, decorated and provide attractive services, as well as recreation opportunities available to all sections of the public on the shore of Lake Sevan, free services: access to the beach, changing rooms, public toilets, washrooms, first aid station, lifeguard service, playgrounds for children, proper organization of garbage disposal and availability of treatment plants, prospective investment projects and creation of additional jobs.
You can familiarize yourself with the project at the following link: