Events were held dedicated to Ecologist’s Day

The RA Ministry of Nature Protection held events dedicated to World Environment Day and Ecologist’s Day in Lovers’ Park, Boghossian Gardens, on June 5. The representatives of the RA National Assembly and the RA Government, ambassadors, heads of international organizations, representatives of NGOs and businessmen participated in the event. Approximately 50 organizations: the RA MNP structural and separate subdivisions, international environmental organizations, NGOs, schools and educational and cultural centers with their pavilions were involved in the exhibition of environmental achievements.   Vache Gabrielyan, RA Vice Prime Minister, Minister of International Economic Integration and Reforms, Aramayis Grigoryan, RA Minister of Nature Protection, Bradley Busetto, UN Resident Coordinator/UNDP Resident Representative in Armenia delivered speeches. Aramayis Grigoryan, RA Minister of Nature Protection, stated in his speech: “The day is especially remarkable for our nation. Armenia has the richest biodiversity in the region and we face the problem to preserve and to pass it properly to our coming generations. That is why the message of World Environment Day should not be only for June 5, but the whole year to solve environmental problems for our citizens’ welfare and the natural life of the future generations. Preservation of Mother Nature must be everyone’s duty, the idea of which must guide everywhere and every second. The perception of environmental protection must have its significant place among the core values of our nation and become one of the stable pillars of the development of Armenian statehood. People should not consume natural resources. It summarizes the UN WED theme this year is "Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care”. It reminds us not to consume the limited resources of Mother Nature. I call for our citizens’ joint efforts in the conservation of our fatherland and the realization of the foremost mission to pass it to the coming generations. A kid painting flash mob and “New breathe to the used things through children” events were held. Schoolchildren of Cultural School after Avet Terteryan had an active part there.