The workshop on the draft "Climate Law" of the Republic of Armenia took place

On November 21, within the framework of the "EU for Climate" program, the national workshop on the draft "Climate Law" of the Republic of Armenia was held.
The aim of the workshop was to discuss the experience of climate laws in the EU and EaP countries, international legal regulations of climate policy, the RA "Climate Law" draft developed under the "EU for Climate" program, its institutional structure and regulatory framework, climate financing and carbon pricing opportunities. In Armenia.
The participants of the workshop were welcomed by the head of the EU delegation in Armenia, Ambassador Vasilis Maragos, the Permanent Representative of the United Nations Development Program Natia Natsvlishvili, the head of the Climate Policy Department of the Ministry of Environment, Nona Budoyan.
“Climate law is essential because it requires a legal framework for climate action, coordination and attracting investment. We are happy to cooperate with the Government and the United Nations Development Program within the framework of the "EU for Climate Program" and we reaffirm our readiness to support the further process of the law," said Ambassador Vasilis Maragos, Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia.
"Armenia's climate law will provide legal bases for developing and implementing effective climate policies, collecting financial resources for this purpose, including climate considerations in sectoral policies and embedding climate financing into the public finance management system," noted UNDP Resident Representative in Armenia Natia Natsvlishvili.
On behalf of the Ministry of Environment, Nona Budoyan expressed gratitude to the UNDP office in Armenia for supporting the development of the "Climate Law" project, emphasizing its regulatory role in the promotion of climate policies, and expressed hope for further cooperation in this process.
More than 50 representatives from the European Commission, the UNDP office in Armenia, the RA Ministries of Environment, Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, Economy, Finance and Health, international organizations, foreign and local experts participated in the event.