The RA Red Book-listed animal poaching

On February 4, 2021, the workers of Vayots Dzor Territorial Division of the  Inspectorate for Nature Protection and Mineral Resources in collaboration  with Yeghegnadzor Police Department, receiving  the next operative information, immediately left for "Siranuysh" camp of the Yeghegis settlement, Yeghegis community,  Vayots Dzor region and detected a case of poaching: an individual of a bezoar goat listed in the Red Book of Animals of the Republic of Armenia was killed. 3 citizens were detained by Yeghegnadzor Police Department from the spot.
It is unacceptable to encroach on any animal registered in the Red Book of Armenia. The Ministry of Environment condemns similar treatment of animals.
Biodiversity is natural heritage requring preservation and ought to be passed to future generations, notably taking into consideration  its vital importance and the ecosystem services that the latter ensures. We urge you to refrain from illegal activities and to preserve the fauna of Armenia.
We remind you that according to the RA Law on Compensation Tariffs for Damages to Fauna and Flora - as a result of environmental penalties - in case of hunting and (or) killing of Bezoar goat, the compensation fees for damage caused to fauna for each unit (regardless of age) is 3 million AMD.
If a major damage has been caused due to the penalty, the offender shall be subject to criminal liability under the 4th point of the 1st part of Article 294 of the relevant Code, therefore shall be punished by a fine of four hundred to six hundred times the minimum wage or by detention for 4-6 months.
We are all responsible for the protection of endemic animal species in Armenia. We must show conscious and compassionate attitude while interacting with nature.