Minister Hakob Simidyan had a bilateral meeting with Miko Olikainen, head of the Adaptation Fund

Within the framework of participation in the 28th UN Climate Change Conference (COP 28), Minister Hakob Simidyan had a bilateral meeting with the head of the Adaptation Fund, Miko Olikainen.
In 2016, the state institution "Environmental Program Implementation Office" of the Ministry of Education and Culture was accredited as the 25th national implementing body of the fund, becoming the first country in Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus.
Accreditation has created an opportunity for Armenia to develop concrete adaptation and resilience programs for its most climate-vulnerable communities, as well as providing potential models that other countries in the region can emulate.
The following programs are implemented with the financing of the Adaptation Fund:
"Strengthening the adaptive capacity of ecosystems and communities adjacent to the specially protected natural areas of Armenia".
"Waste and flood management of the closed quarry of Artik" project (completed);
Attracting future leaders. creation of a digital educational module on adaptation issues and best practices for young people.
Minister Hakob Simidyan referred to the cooperation with the Adaptation Fund, calling it effective and fruitful.
During the meeting, the parties once again emphasized the implementation of measures and programs aimed at solving global and regional environmental problems within the framework of the fight against climate change.