May 22 is celebrated as International Biodiversity Day

May 22 is celebrated as International Biodiversity Day throughout the world. This year, the theme of the International Day for Biological Diversity is "Be Part of the Plan." 
 Despite all the technological advances in the world, we are completely dependent on healthy and living ecosystems to provide the resources necessary for life.
This means that we must protect, restore and take care of the biodiversity that surrounds us.
The International Day for Biodiversity was established by the United Nations to draw attention to the unique richness of living organisms and the importance of preserving them for future generations.
The celebration of the International Day of Biodiversity pursues a number of important goals, such as increasing the level of public awareness of biodiversity conservation and threats to it, and adopting innovative decisions that will mitigate the risk of losses.
In December 2022, the world came together and agreed on a global plan to change our relationship with nature. The adoption of the Kunming-Montreal Global Framework for Biodiversity, also known as the Biodiversity Plan, sets goals and concrete actions to halt and reverse the loss of natural resources by 2050.
This year's theme, “Be Part of the Plan”, is a global call to action to encourage governments, societies, local authorities, NGOs, legislators, individuals to share how they are supporting the Biodiversity Plan. 
Each of us plays an important role and can make a significant contribution to the implementation of the plan.