18.05.2021 00:00
It took place “Climate Change in Armenia: Challenges and Opportunities” expo forum within UNDP-GCF NAP project scopes,

On May 14, there took place “Climate Change in Armenia: Challenges and Opportunities” expo forum within UNDP-GCF "National Adaptation Plan in Armenia" project . 
 About 120 representatives from various spheres took part in thematic discussions on climate change adaptation issues, observing climate change impact on the country's economy, remarkably on  the 6 selected target spheres.
Welcoming the initiative, Nona Budoyan, Head of the Climate Policy Department of the RA Ministry of Environment, noted that issues related to climate change are extremely important for Armenia, as a landlocked, developing country.
"I want to lay special emphasis on organizing meetings in similar format, as today we have the opportunity to voice and discuss the problems and gaps in sectoral policies, proposing fruitful solutions through joint discussion. I am convinced that they will be instrumental  in developing a policy to strengthen  our country's resilience to climate change," said Nona Budoyan.
Presentely, the Ministry of Environment-jointly implemented "National Adaptation Plan in Armenia" project aims to help address climate change issues by developing relevant adaptation packages and outlining ways to implement thereof.

On May 13, the Government of the Republic of Armenia approved the National Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan and the list of activities  for 2021-2025 developed  under the support of the NAP project, giving a more institutional nature to the processes implemented in the sphere, adding that earlier, on April 22, the Republic of Armenia approved  “Nationally Determined Contributions” (NDC) defining the priority spheres in which actions will be assumed to adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change.
During the event, in six discussion groups the participants discussed the problems in the most vulnerable areas in terms of climate change, their adaptation actions and prospects for cooperation 
Additionally, the Green Expo was held, in the course of which a number of private companies presented their products and services encouraging  the adaptation process, from organic fertilizers to technical solutions.