Invitation to participate in the application review procedure of grant projects

The RA Ministry of Environment invites experts from relevant educational, scientific, non-governmental and other organizations, as well as independent experts, to participate in the procedure of assessing the applications of the grant projects to be submitted by the schools of the four target cities of Syunik region of the Republic of Armenia: Kapan, Kajaran, Meghri and Agarak, as well as the small-scale start-up business applications submitted by the households of those cities within the framework of SPPA-A program’s Financial Participatory Approach (FPA 3) component’s 3rd stage. 
The assessment will be supervised on a voluntary basis, without remuneration or honorarium, since accommodation and food,  transportation costs of possible visits to the RA Syunik region will be covered by the RA Ministry of Environment through the SPPA-A project.
Interested organizations and independent experts are kindly requested to submit candidacies, by sending candidates' CVs to e-mails: and until February 19, 2021 inclusive.
In order to be involved in the bid evaluation working group at least 3 years of experience in the spheres of environment, agriculture, social, socio-economic development, financial and economic is required. The selection will be made by the SPPA-A Project Implementation Unit of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia based on the results of a comparative evaluation of the CVs of the applicant experts.
The candidacies  from Syunik region will not be considered to rule out possible conflicts of interest in the evaluation process.