Exhibition of landscapes "Nature through the eyes of children"

In the modern world, when the impact of society on the environment is growing day by day, the need for environmental education is more than urgent. Eco-education is included in various fields of education, which aims to develop ecological awareness among the younger generation. The development of ecological consciousness and behavior should start from an early age, because the attitude towards nature, the ideas about nature are formed from an early age.
To this end, on the eve of Children's Rights Day, the Ministry of Environment is planning an exhibition of children's landscapes entitled "Nature through the eyes of children" on June 1.
The paintings will be displayed on June 1 in the Yerevan Botanical Garden, where the specialists of the Ministry of Environment will give lectures on interesting environmental topics for children.
We will gladly wait for the thematic picture of your child until May 27 at the Ministry.
The picture must be accompanied by the child's name, surname, age, 1 personal photo.
Address: RA, c. Yerevan, 0010, Republic Square, Government House 3, Application window of the Ministry of Environment.
In case of additional questions you can call 011818559.