Deputy Minister of Environment Anna Mazmanyan’s working visit to “Dilijan” national park SNCO

On January 22, Deputy Minister A. Mazmanyan along with the working group conducted a visit to "Dilijan" national park within the framework of which, she first held a working consultation with the staff of “Dilijan” NP.
Discussed a number of urgent and pivotal issues.
 It was made reference to the achievements and shortcomings of the previous years. She notably attached importance to implementing the works and projects in accordance with the imperatives of the time, to double the work in favor of the nature protection and the state.
During the meeting, a great deal of sectorial problems were touched upon and their possible solutions within a short period time. The special emphasis was laid on:
Performing the work targeted at the protection of SPAs effectively and conscientiously,
the essential, significance and prospects for the development of ecotourism and eco-education
organizing administrative work more normalized, effective and consistent
 on keeping the environment clean, inclusive of protecting and preserving.
Also, the Deputy Minister conducted a visit to the Visitor Center of “Dilijan” NP, got acquainted with the implemented work, and further tasks. She proposed to implement reforms, reviewing, transforming the ways of organizing, delivering, illustrating and attracting ecotourism services, clarifying the boundaries of cooperation and outlining the directions of cooperation, introducing new tools in an effort to get better results.