Awarding Ceremony of the Photo Contest "World Water Day" in the Eco-Epicenter of the Yerevan Botanical Garden

On May 21, within the framework of the program "Environmental Protection of Lake Sevan" funded by the European Union and the Government of Germany (EU4Sevan), the awarding ceremony of the photo contest "World Water Day" organized by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia and the German Agency for International Cooperation took place.
Deputy Minister of Environment Aram Meimaryan delivered a welcoming speech.
The Deputy Minister thanked the participants of the contest for their interest
"The contest, revealing the memories of our citizens and their approaches to the existing problems related to Lake Sevan, showed that the importance of Sevan over the years has not only not decreased, but also increased both for Armenia and and for our region as a whole.
Today, one of the priorities of the Government of the Republic of Armenia represented by the Ministry of Environment is to bring the ecological balance of the lake in line with the best international environmental standards.
Let's go along the path of solving problems together. This is the only way we can record progress towards solving the problems of the sphere," Aram Meimaryan said.
The competition was attended by 39 participants, among whom were professional photographers, schoolchildren, and ordinary citizens who wanted to share their memories of Lake Sevan, their ideas about the problems of the lake and their solutions. 
Everyone who communicates with the lake, whether it is a fisherman, tourist, resident of the surrounding communities, farmer, etc., is obliged to take care and show proper ecological attitude to the lake. Thanks to the photo contest, we saw how expensive and important Lake Sevan is. After all, only as a result of the participation of all of us in the future, the lake and its environment will be fully protected," Christian Henschel stressed.
8 winning photos took first and second places respectively in the nominations "My best memory with Sevan", "What problems Sevan is facing today", "How to save Sevan" and "professional photography", according to the jury's assessment.
Thanks to all participants for their active participation, interesting ideas and original photos.