Let’s plant 10 million trees together

About 10m initiative

Armenia plans to plant 10 million trees in 2020-2021. This will be a step towards combating climate change, air pollution, soil degradation, conserving Armenia's rich biodiversity and restoring ecosystems.
Each of us can bring new life to our country and land taking responsibility for the health of our children and future generations. Being a small dot on the earth, we, the residents of Armenia, will also make a practical contribution to the global One Trillion Trees initiative.
The initiative is being implemented by the Ministry of Environment of Armenia under the high patronage of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan.  


Join the initiative


· Be one of ten million
· Participate in tree planting
· Raise awareness of the initiative
· Provide necessary resources
· Support organizational work



Required Resources


up to 3000

nearly  300.000





When and where will the tree planting take place?

Within the framework of the 10m initiative, the tree planting will be launched in 2020 for the purposes of afforestation, reforestation, and landscaping.
Afforestation and reforestation will take place throughout the territory of Armenia next to forested areas. Landscaping will also include public places.

How many hectares of land are required to plant 10 million trees?

Depending on the purpose of the plantation, as well as growing conditions, the required area may vary. In recent years, mainly 3000-3300 seedlings were planted in 1 ha in Armenia, however, in practice, there are also denser plantations. The initiative will require approximately 3000 hectares of land.

What types of trees will be planted?

Predominantly local trees will be planted for the purposes of afforestation and reforestation, in particular pine/oak/birch/ash/maple/wild fruit trees. Ornamental and fruit trees will be planted for landscaping.

How many people should participate in the tree planting?

At least 300,000 participants should be involved in the tree planting initiative to plant 10 million seedlings. Participation will be voluntary. Professional bodies will coordinate the work and act as consultants.

Where will the seedlings be obtained?

Seedlings will also be imported from foreign nurseries (Belarus, Iran, Poland, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Finland etc.), as it is planned to use trees with a closed root system for the implementation of the project, and in Armenia, the production of such seedlings is limited at present.
The imported seedlings will comply with the native Armenian tree species and growing conditions.

Who and how is going to take care of the seedlings?

After planting, landowners will be responsible for taking care of the plantations. Hayantar SNCO branches will carry out the responsibility of seedlings planted in the lands under Hayantar management. The state budget will allocate money for these needs. Various private entities will support the development of innovative solutions to ensure the survival and further successful growth of planted trees.

What impact will large-scale tree planting have on the environment?

Forests are the main accumulators of carbon dioxide. According to various studies, afforestation contributes to climate change during all seasons of the year by regulating air and soil temperature, surface water flows, and mitigating the impact of winds. From an economic point of view, protective plantations are the most important ones. Depending on the peculiarities of the land, the plantations may also be recreational and have sanitary or ornamental value. And plantations rich with wild fruit trees will provide wildlife with food and shelter.