State Reserves



Year of establishment – 27.05.1981 ( N 324 decree of ArmSSR Council of Ministers).  It is in the staff of <<Reserve Park Complex>> SNCO without legal entity status
Area- 89 hectares
Departmental subordination – RA Ministry of Enviornment –  In the eastern part of Yerevan, nearby Shorbulakh and Geghadir villages, on the junction of mountainous steppes and semi-deserts,  on western xerophyte mountainous slopes, at altitudes of 1300-1400m above sea level
Protected objects - 293 species of vascular plants: more than 100 varieties of wild cereals (wheat, rye, barley), 293 species of vascular plants, 9 species of reptiles, 50 species of birds, 13 species of mammals.






Khosrov Forest

Year of establishment – 13.09.1958 (N P-341 decree of ArmSSR Council of Ministers)
Area- 23878 hectares
Departmental subordination – RA Ministry of Enviornment 
Location – Central Armenia, RA Ararat region on slopes of Gegham mountain range, Urts and Yeranos  mountain ranges, Azat and Vedi river basins at altitudes of 800 - 2800m above sea level
Protected object - Dry, open woodland and fryganoid and semi-desert landscapes,  wildlife unique coexistence, 1800 species of vascular plants (more than 50% of the flora of Armenia), 210 species of vertebrate animals (including 60 endemic species).