State Reserves



The year of establishment – 27.05.1981 ( N 324 decree of ArmSSR Council of Ministers).  It is in the staff of "Reserve Park Complex" SNCO without legal entity status
Area- 89 hectares
Departmental subordination – RA Ministry of Enviornment –  In the eastern part of Yerevan, nearby Shorbulakh and Geghadir villages, on the junction of mountainous steppes and semi-deserts,  on western xerophyte mountainous slopes, at altitudes of 1300-1400m above sea level
Protected objects - 293 species of vascular plants: more than 100 varieties of wild cereals (wheat, rye, barley), 293 species of vascular plants, 9 species of reptiles, 50 species of birds, 13 species of mammals.




Khosrov Forest

The year of establishment – 13.09.1958 (N P-341 decree of ArmSSR Council of Ministers)
Area- 23878 hectares
Departmental subordination – RA Ministry of Enviornment 
Location – Central Armenia, RA Ararat region on slopes of Gegham mountain range, Urts and Yeranos  mountain ranges, Azat and Vedi river basins at altitudes of 800 - 2800m above sea level
Protected object - Dry, open woodland and fryganoid and semi-desert landscapes,  wildlife unique coexistence, 1800 species of vascular plants (more than 50% of the flora of Armenia), 210 species of vertebrate animals (including 60 endemic species).


"Shikahoh" State Reserve

The year of establishment - 13.09.1958 (N P-341 decree of ArmSSR Council of Ministers)
Area - 12371.1 hectares
Departmental subordination - RA Ministry of Environment
Location - in the south-eastern part of the republic, in the Kapan region. Shikahogh, Tsav (Shishkert) and Nerkin Hand rural communities border the reserve. It borders Arevik National Park from the south with the watershed of the Meghri mountain range, and Baghatssar and Khustup mountain ranges from the north-west.
Protected objects - protection of oak-bochuta forests and their characteristic flora and fauna coexistence, Keni and plane groves, Caucasian leopard, Bezoar goat, Brown bear, Caucasian mares, Caspian turkey, Armenian viper and other species.