Applications are accepted for the implementation of "Volunteering for Nature" short-term volunteer projects

The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia and The "Armenian Society of Biologists" NGO within the framework of the "Volunteering for Nature" program announce the launch of short-term volunteer projects in the specially protected areas of the Republic of Armenia.
Individuals wishing to be involved as volunteers in work in specially protected areas must submit a 1-2 week volunteer project and submit an application with the link։ below.
Projects should aim to strengthen the capacity of Specially Protected Areas (SPAs). Priority will be given to scientific research (botanical, zoological, forestry, hydrological, etc.), eco-education and ecotourism development activities, public awareness of nature through art, marketing, information technology and other projects that will support the activities of SPAs. 
The Duration of volunteer projects is 1-2 weeks. The period of Implementation period is from October 25 to November 30.
The organizers cover all the expenses related to the accommodation, food and transportation of the volunteers.
Voluntary projects can be implemented in the following Specially Protected Areas: "Lake Arpi National Park", "Dilijan National Park", "Stepanavan (Sochut) Dendropark "under the subordination of "Park and Reserve Complex" SNCO, " Jrvezh Forest Park", Vordan Karmir State Reserve, such as "Sevan National Park", "Zangezur Biosphere Complex" SNCO, which includes "Shikahogh State Reserve", "Arevik National Park, "Sosu Purak", "Boghakar", " Lake Sev", "Zangezur" and "Khustup" State Reserves. 
To submit a volunteer project, you need to fill in the application by October 15 at the following link:
The "Armenian Society of Biologists", a non-governmental organization within the framework of the US Embassy Small Grants Program, is implementing the "Volunteering for Nature" program, which aims to develop a culture of volunteerism in environmental organizations, including specially protected areas and forests. The project aims to strengthen the connection between volunteer recruitment organizations and environmental organizations.