Acceptance of applications from participants of an educational visit organized for interested parties in the field of nature protection

2022 - acceptance of applications from participants of an educational visit organized in May in the Czech Republic for interested parties in the field of nature protection.
The visit of 10 Armenian representatives of interested parties to the Czech Republic will focus on the issues of the application of legislation on the protection of biodiversity, paying special attention to the instructions on the environment and birds of the EU.
During the visit, participants will have the opportunity to meet with representatives of the Czech Agency for Nature Protection, public organizations operating in the field of the environment, as well as managers of protected natural areas. The program provides for field visits to Natura 2000 and other protected areas.
Program Details:
Transfer from Czech Republic to Armenia and back-2 days
Duration of the program: 6 days in the Czech Republic
Date: May 22-29, 2022
Armenian candidates to participate in the educational visit must:
Have experience in the field of nature conservation, sustainable tourism
They must actively participate in any public organization, scientific institution, regional SNCO, nature protection inspection body or in any other similar organization.
Submit a motivation letter in Armenian or English, which will describe topics of interest to them, expectations from the visit, noting how their participation will stimulate the protection of biodiversity in Armenia
Submit a professional autobiographical (CV)
They must be fully vaccinated with one of the vaccines accepted in the EU against Covid-19 (AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer / Biontech). At least two weeks before departure, they received a stimulant of the Covid-19 vaccine (booster) and together with the application submitted a vaccination certificate confirming receipt of at least two doses.
When choosing participants, the balance of the genders will be ensured.
The Election Commission is a permanent consultant of the "Twinning" program, Program Manager, Head of the 3rd component of the program, Head of the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia
The deadline for submitting applications is February 6, 2022
The stage of selection of participants: until February 28, 2022
Applications, including an autobiographical letter, a letter of motivation and a certificate of vaccination, must be submitted by 2022.On February 6, they will be sent to the assistant of the permanent consultant of the "Twining" program Anna Mirzoyan by e-mail: address: